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Mapulang Lupa National High School (formerly VNHS – Mapulang Lupa  Annex) was established   through the initiative of Barangay Captain Domingo R. Liwanag in 2003. The school started operation in makeshift rooms temporarily built inside the San Agustin Covered Court with 210 first year students and six teachers under the supervision of Dr. Genindina M. Sumbillo.

With the combined efforts of Dr. Alma Bella O. Bautista, the Schools Division Superintendent at that time, Honorable Sherwin T. Gatchalian, City Mayor, and late Honorable Antonio M. Serapio, Congressman of the Second District of Valenzuela, the three-storey 18 classroom building was built along Pabaya Street. In 2006, the school was granted autonomy, was separated from Valenzuela National High School, its mother school, and became Mapulang Lupa National High School. The school underwent further transformation under the leadership of Mrs. Lagrimas Bayle who succeeded Dr. Genendina Sumbillo.

The school continuously strives for a better performance via school activities, projects and programs which translate into day to day reality through the administration and supervision of the current school principal, Mr. Meliton  P. Zurbano, with the cooperation and involvement of teachers, students, local officials, NGO’s and the community.

A change of leadership happened on January 30, 2014 when Mr. Eddie A. Alarte became the new Principal with the vision to continue the progress and development of the school through the help and cooperation of the faculty, staff and other stakeholder.

Also, under the administration of Mr. Eddie A. Alarte, Mr. Dominic Lozande, passed the Principalship examination.

During the time of Mrs. Edelina I. Golloso, the improvement of classroom facilities and construction of Activity Center were established through the cooperation of GPTA, City Government and other stakeholders.  In addition to these great transformation, one member in the administration and two members of the faculty namely:  Gil C. Buenavista, Michael M. Daco and Marivic U. Nueva passed the Principalship Examination in 2018.  They were assigned to Sitero Francisco Memorial National High School, Mapulang Lupa Natioanal High School and Vicente P. Trinidad National High School respectively.

At the present, Mr. Rudy Fran Falcunitin, Principal IV, is currently administering and aiming the school to become one of the most promising schools in Congressional II, Valenzuela City.  An advocate of W.A.T.C.H. (We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty), He initiated and continued school development programs that will put back the school into its limelight again.

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