M  E  S  S  A G E


Education can make a difference in the life of a person. It makes someone more productive member of the family, school and community. The benefits of education depends on the person wielding it, be it in terms of technology, health, economy, theology, business, knowledge communication, politics, power and even perspective in life. Education can make or unmake the future of the person’s life. As I quoted Nelson Mondela, the first black head of state of South Africa, said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


With the schools’ new mantra: “The school C. A. R. E. S (a Child-centered community education system in Attaining to Reach Excellence and Success in life) for your Future.” The school aims to be an environment that is not only child-friendly but a place that will prepare the students for their future.  However, the development of school website is very timely.  The process focus on the improvement of the students’ performance by identifying their primary needs through careful analysis of data, prioritizing areas for improvement and achieving the schools’ objectives and goals for the betterment of the students through the effective and efficient use of the schools’ website.